Monday, January 16, 2006


What I learned on Sunday

1. Kodak EasyShare is up there on my list of annoying software, almost as high as AOL. It will not fully uninstall for me, despite the use of the "clear utility". And the new version will not come down either. This is for one of the machines that I'm looking at for my neice's boyfriend's parents...

2. Its not as hard as I thought to replace a solar sensor on a lamppost. Although I was thrown for a loop trying to determine which circuit the lamppost was on. Turns out it is on the same breaker (15) as the water heater electronics.

3. I bought a purafilter2000 furnace filter today instead of the 3M filtrete. It was 5 dollars less and had the same MERV rating (11). If you agree to give them some info they will remind you by email to replace the filter after 3 months. Although the site looks like it was writen on Notepad - it will be nice to get a reminder to change the dang filter..

I understood this post!!
I did too!!! You can tell the difference between home and work posts! Work = 5% understanding; Home = 95% understanding!!
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